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Woodland animal watercolor set - 1450163

Woodland animal watercolor set - 1450163

Woodland animal watercolor set - 1450163

PNG JPG | 700 Mb


Celebrate each of the happy months in your child's life. This set is filled with cute, fun characters to capture and cherish those precious moments that babies and moms just love.
This set will help your little one celebrate a special moment and every month of celebration, and moms can find out how old their little ones were in the photo when they grow up. Simple design, neutral colors will suit every life achievement of your little one. Make it truly yours!
The illustrations are perfect for wall decor, wood-framed poster, educational cards. Become an interior decorator and transform your living space into something extraordinary with these unique decorative gadgets. Ideal for decorating kids bedrooms, living rooms, kids rooms, etc. Create, play and teach, you kids will learn numbers, letters.
the set includes:
- alphabet, PNG format, separate files;
- numbers from 0 to 9 without additions and numbers from 0 to 10 with animals and flowers;
- 14 files with PNG animals;
- 14 animals in flowers, PNG;
- 12 files of bouquets;
- 6 meadows and PNG herbs;
- 6 silhouettes of APG trees (birch, pine);
- 33 elements (leaves, flowers) PNG;
- 12 moons, PNG;
- 12 Milestones Cards JPG;
- 3 round APG frames;
- 4 pre-made PNG cards;
- 7 PNG files, JPG seamless patterns
- 4 seamless borders.



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